This provides a minimal level of service that includes a direct USPTO knockout search, a quick review of your application for very obvious errors, and the filing of your application. This level of service is inadequate for a conventional startup and for most businesses that put any effort into their branding, but may be acceptable for a very small business not seeking funding that can afford to change its brand name if there is a problem down the road.

Consider Instead:

The Basic Package includes a basic fifty state search which makes your brand more defensible.

  • Minimal Attorney Review
    An attorney will review your application information for very obvious errors or problems. For example, if you try to trademark a generic or descriptive term, the attorney may catch the problem and notify you.
    However, the attorney will accept your desire to minimize attorney time and this may increase your risks.
  • 5-Mark Knockout Search
    An attorney will search up to five marks against the USPTO Database for direct conflicts. This will show companies which have registered an identical mark.
    However, it will not show similar marks which may prevent the government from issuing a Mark, and it will not show competitors who may have state or common-law trademarks.
  • Trademark Application Submitted
    An attorney will use the information you provide to submit a Trademark Application on your behalf.
    We believe this package slightly increases your chances of getting a trademark issued over your chances if applying without the assistance of a lawyer. Industry research shows approximately 60% of applicants without lawyers fail to have marks issued.