This is a minimal conventional trademark package. It provides a basic level of service that includes review of a fifty-state search for use of the mark you would like to register, a review of your application for clear errors, the filing of your application, and a response to one basic "non-substantive" rejection from the trademark office.

Consider Instead:

The Old Reliable Package includes five hours of deeply discounted attorney time to handle any rejection, whether the rejection is substantive or not. Five hours may or may not be enough time to handle rejections, but this should limit your risk by decreasing the cost of trying to overcome a rejection.

  • Attorney Review
    An attorney will review the information you provide for clear errors.
  • 8-Mark Knockout Search
    An attorney will search up to eight marks against the USPTO Database for direct conflicts. This will show companies which have registered an identical mark. The attorney may suggest disclaimers that increase the chance of having your trademark issue.
    However, the search may not show confusingly similar marks which may prevent the government from issuing a Mark.
  • Fifty-State Search
    Attorney will order and analyze the results from a fifty-state search from a search provider. To reduce your costs, the search may be done by a relatively small and innovative search firm rather than a traditional search firm. This will often reveal whether trademarks or businesses exist that may prevent the mark from issuing or being effective. A search that shows another mark lets you change yours to avoid a conflict and prevent litigation, and a search that shows no conflicts helps show your good faith use of the mark, which often helps if you are sued for infringement.
    A fifty-state search will not necessarily discover every use of the corresponding mark, however, a clean search substantially increases the chance that your mark is not in use in the United States and that you will not have to change your mark after applying to the trademark office.
  • Trademark Application Submitted
    An attorney will use the information you provide to submit a Trademark Application on your behalf.
  • 1 Response to Simple Rejection
    If your application is rejected by the USPTO for a "non-substantive" reason, an attorney will prepare and submit a response on your behalf.
    We believe this package increases your chances of getting a trademark issued substantially. Because many trademarks are rejected, the chance of failure is still about fifty percent.